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1. Evaluate the Marketing Strategy to grow future Sales Revenue.
Fabritex focuses on knitted fabrics for garment manufactures and believes its strength lies in developing innovative fabrics that look good and perform well technically To grow future sales Fabritex have chosen;
• To focus on the UK lingerie warp knit segment which currently generates about 35% of their total sales revenue (i.e. £15.9 million).
• To grow their share in Pearlwear (which is a premium company with an internationally recognized brand name with manufacturing plants in Europe and Southeast Asia and has growing sales and capacity) from the current 14% (i.e. £4.2 million).
• To ensure conformance to quality with competitive pricing
• Increase sales from ‘sole supplier’ fabrics by 10% from current £2.7 million
• Continue to develop sound customer relationship
• To carefully target some fabrics for which Pearlwear currently has only one supplier and get their technical people working closely with Pearlwear to convince them that they have the technical know-how. This will improve their chances of becoming a 2nd supplier by giving Pearlwear the added attraction of gaining more insurance on obtaining short delivery lead times
• Allocating a special team in the technical department to help gain 7% of the sales that go solely to one of its competitors
• To improve their communications at all levels and ensure fast reliable response to orders
• Targeting about 50% of the revenue that goes to new fabrics in development (£1.2 million for next year and the value can grow substantially). Done by developing good looking and high performance fabric with designers sympathetic towards Fabritex working with them.

The above measures will help capture quarter of the Pearlwear UK lingerie wrap knit segment which accounts for most of the growth in their overall business forecast

2. What are the order winners and qualifiers of the Pearlwear business?
Order Qualifiers

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