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Topics: Communication, Childhood, Nonverbal communication Pages: 7 (1849 words) Published: June 24, 2013

I think that it’s very important to understand what is meant by each communication, language and speech.


I think that communication is how one person expresses themselves to another person. There are many ways in which a person can communicate such as the use of language (the use of their voice), facial expression, gestures, body language as well as sign language.


I think that language is something that we use to commutate with someone else, this communication could be done by writing, speaking or signing. Every person must learn how to speak a language before they can speak it, a child o first begins by pointing at objects, they then gone on to say 1 to 2 words, but after a little while they learn how to construct a sentences.


I think that speech is the type of communication that we vocalise. Children will mostly learn to speak before they can write. Speech is different to the other two types of communication because it is the only one that is not sign or written, but spoken. When a child begins to learn to speak there are a number of different sounds that we will need to master. In the English language there are over 40 different sounds or phonemes that a child will have to learn before they are able to construct a full sentence.

Speech, Language and communication needs:

I think that this is when a child or young person has a difficulty in one or all three area of Speech, Language and communication. For example if a child is unable to speak we must make sure as partitions that we are able to communicate with that child in another way by means of pointing or sign language. We also need to make sure that we are planning activities to help encourage and support this child with their communicational needs.


I think that Speech, Language and communication skills helps support a child or young’s person development in the following area’s because:

Learning: I think that learning is support by speech, language and communication because allowing a child or young person to express themselves by use of language this allows them to release their thoughts, felling’s and what they might have seen or observed. This will then allow the child to become more self-confident and this will intern help them to development their self-esteem.

Emotional: I think that children’s emotions are helped and supported by speech, language and communication because if a child or young person is able to communicate how they are feel though the use or body language, speech or gestures then they are able learn how to understand and explain what they are feeling and why they are feeling these emanations. This also allows child or young person to learn how to control and understand our own emotions. I think that this is a major part of a child’s development. I also think this is especially helpful when the child is young, as they are more prone to tantrums and outbursts which are mostly linked to frustration, jealousy or anger, this types of behaviour normal diminish as they child or young person begins to understand how to control and understand their emotions.

Behaviour: I think that children’s behaviour is helped and supported by speech, language and communication because if they are able to manage or control their own behaviour this will help gain them more self control. I think that children and young people can be very impulsive and that can sometimes find it have hard to control their behaviour, but once that child young person has gained a better understand of communicate though the use of speech or language or other types of communication then this will control and understand their behaviour changes. I think that you can see this change more in the toddle age group, children aged around 2 years old may be more prone to tantrums and outbursts which are mostly linked to frustration, jealousy or anger but once the child is able to communicate this types of...
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