Topics: Writing, Collaboration, Future, Essay, Psychology / Pages: 2 (450 words) / Published: Apr 23rd, 2013
In "Writing 'eyeball to eyeball': Builing a Successful Collaboration", Author Rebecca Ingalls informs her readers how to make a good collaboration. Ingalls states that some important elements of creating a succesful collaboration is having an ability to communicate productive feedback, keep an open mind, have mutual respect and good communication skills. Rebecca tells her audience to not be discouraged just becaause a certain approach didnt work in the past because you never know if it will work in the future. Ingalls explains to her readers how important it is to make a group contract.
"The contract acts as the spine of a group that is sensitive to differences of experiacnces and opinion that aims to contribute the intellectual growth of each of its members" explains Rebecca. Ingalls goes on to let her readers know how important it is to choose a worthy topic and to think twice about wether its very credible or not. Rebecca says that brainstorming with your group members is a good starting point. "Each group member writes down on seperate sheets of paper, two or more major individual concerns then lay out all of the papers infront of thr group and see whether you have common conerns or not", says rebecca ingalls. Another important fact that Rebecca shares with her readers before ending her essay, was that all group members need to remember that even if the project was divided up, the completes project belongs to all of the members equally so make sure to get final reviews from all the members before submitting your final collaboration.

I learned some very interesting information when i read this essay. I have never been the type of person who likes doing group projects for the simple fact that you always have that lazy person who doesnt do anything, and alot of the time your group doesnt really agree with the same thing. The tips and steps that Rebecca wrote in the essay are really going to help me with future class collaborations. There

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