Eye Color and Olivia

Topics: Eye color, Black hair, French onion soup Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: September 18, 2013
Diana is a creative 32 year old chef. Her hair the color of red maple leafs that layer the dew covered ground in fall. Loose day old curls fall to her shoulders, pulled back and held up with a yellow ribbon secured with a bow. Smells of light jasmine and fresh linen came from her navy blue and white floral knee length dress that permeates the space around her. Around her neck hangs a loose necklace which holds a round shiny silver pendant engraved with a single initial. Hazel eyes with a misty shade of blue that sparkle like diamonds on the darkest of nights. Her hands smooth with soft faint wrinkles. On her left hand on one finger a simple twin band coated in tiny diamonds, at the center of the ring sparkles larger eye catching square diamonds. Olivia is a short 25 year old baker. Stunning crystal blue eyes like a slate of thin ice. Heavy mascara coat her long eyelashes, black eye shadow covers the entire lid of her sparkling eyes. She wears tight fitting clothes. Her maroon colored t-shit snug and revealing. With a sheer lace back showing off a purple rose tattoo on her shoulder blade. Dark blue low rise jeans plastered to her legs with an ankle zippers. Hunter green high top sneakers lased and tied. Her hair black, cut to a short bob, her bangs loosely draped to one side. A fux leather cuff buttoned around her right wrist read her name in capital letters.

Before flipping the close sign to open for the day Diana and Olivia head to the back of the café’s kitchen. In a sleepy walk, not ready for the morning rush they both head for the large porcelain kitchen sink. Washing their hands together, they’re fingers accidently interlock. Olivia softly giggles as Diana’s thousand watt smile appears. “I love seeing your beautiful smile. Truly brightens my day.” “That lace back t shirt brightens my day” says Diana with a wink. The lovers both laugh. Drying their hands, Olivia reaches for both mint green café aprons that read “The Olive Scone”. With aprons on and...
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