Child Observation

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-1Observer: Michelle StanleyDate of Observation: 3/2/10 Fictitious Name of Child: AbbySetting: Bed room and living room Child’s Age: 3 years and 10 monthsPhysical Description of Child: When I walked into the house Abby was wearing her princess Belle dress-up gown. Her hair is bright blonde, down lloose and knotted, her eyed are blue, her skin is pale and her cheeks are rosy.

Time Observed: 4:00pm - 4:10pm
Behavior Observed: Upon entering the house Abby politely took my jacket and hung it up on a chair. She then ran up the stairs and asked me to come see her dollhouse. She identified every little thing in her dollhouse as she was showing it to me. She showed me the “windows”, “stove”, “soap”, “mantel”, “rockwing chairs”, and the “shower head, where the water comes out so everyone is clean”. She then began to play with two cats, according to her “the mama and the daddy cats”. She made a deep voice for the “daddy cat” and an extremely high pitched voice for the “mama cat“. She made up an elaborate story about the “mama cat” having to go on an adventure to find the “baby cat”. While telling this tale she used words such as “excited” and “surprised” in the right context.

Time Observed: 4:10pm - 4:20pm
Behavior Observed: When Abby became bored with her dollhouse and cats she moved on to her Disney Princess Barbie’s. She introduced me to each princess, “Belle”, “Ariel”, “Snow White”, and “Cindyrella, her favorite princess”. After telling me all of their names she showed me all of the outfits that they wear and explained to me when and why they wear them. When she began playing with her Snow White Barbie she dressed her in her “cleaning clothes” and started to sing “Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to work we go”. This line was followed by her attempt to whistle. After finishing her singing she asked me if I wanted to see her “special doll”. I told her yes, and she came up to me and said “Be careful she is porcelain and very fragile.” She then struggled to lift herself onto her bed.

Time Observed: 4:20pm to 4:30pm
Behavior Observed: Abby then began playing with fairy dolls. She showed me one fairy that she called “the fairy of forgiveness”. She then made up a dialogue, at the end a doll apologized, and the fairy forgave her. Immediately after this scene ended she headed back downstairs to the living room with ease and began drawing pictures and writing her first and last name. In doing this she accidentally got marker on her face. Her mother responded to this by saying “Well, don’t you look beautiful.” Abby took this literally and when her mother was not paying particularly close attention she went into the bathroom to finish beautifying herself. She came back out with pink marker scribbles all over her face. Her mother then went to take the marker away before any more damage could be done and Abby began to make whimpering noises and complained. She was quickly reprimanded by her mother.

Interview with the Abby’s Mother
On what date was Abby born?
Abby was born on April 27th, 2006 two months premature.

Was Abby born with any disorders?
She was born with Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), or in simpler terms with a hole in her heart that caused a heart murmur. At birth she was also plagued with a low level brain bleed. Thankfully, both of these conditions cleared up on their own.

Was Abby fussy as an infant?
As an infant she was not fussy and in fact was always smiling… not much has changed today.

Was she breast fed or bottle fed?
Abby was breast fed until four months when she began having cereal and baby food.

When did she first roll over?
She first rolled over when she was around 12 weeks old, but after that she was not very active.

When did she start crawling?
She never really crawled around. She would scoot a little bit, but she went right from scooting to standing. The reason Abby did not crawl is because she has weak upper trunk...
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