Extra Curricular Argumentative Essay

Topics: Curriculum, Education, Extracurricular activity Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Extra-Curricular Activities
In many countries, the education system is based on a specific curriculum consisting of only academics. They disregard the thought of other activities. This takes away from a child’s social skills and also their imagination. The best type of education consists of not only the academics, but also extracurricular activities such as sports. These activities provide advantages such as exercise, sociability, and better motivation for school. In some cases, these activities even keep kids out of trouble. The first advantage of extra-curricular activities is that it provides exercise. America is the leading country in child obesity. If sports and other activities are taken away, the obesity rate will most likely go up. Also, exercise helps the brain function better. For example, if a kid is stuck in a room studying for hours, he will not retain as much knowledge because the brain will be exhausted. Another advantage of extra-curricular activities is the increase in sociability. The skill of being social is very crucial in life. People’s ability to become part of an organization or make friends sets them apart from other people. An example of when this comes into play is when applying for a job. Almost all jobs require a person to work well with someone else. Also, extra-curricular activities tend to provide motivation for the student. Due to the fact that kids will be doing other activities including school work, as a result, they will be motivated to take the challenge of learning many new subjects. A student also has to make a certain grade to stay in sports so this pushes him to work hard and make good grades. Although it is true that kids have less time on their hands for schoolwork; however, this teaches them how to get their priorities straight. When they are older, the kids will have a lot more to focus on at once, and if they do not learn this skill at a young age they may have a very hard time when they grow up. This is another...
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