Explain the Aims and Content of the Extra-Curricular Activity - Netball

Topics: School, High school, Primary school Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: May 27, 2013
1.1Explain the aims and content of the extra-curricular activity Extra-curricular activities are activities that occur outside of normal school hours. These activities can benefit the development of children and young people in many ways, and are therefore important. Purley Oaks Primary School offers a range of Extra-curricular activities including dance, netball, football and netball. As a TA I consider that it is important to be involved in these activities – in the past I have assisted at the drama club and am currently involved in after school netball. Extra-curricular activities can allow the child/young person to try out a wide range of activities that are not open to them during normal school hours or to gain additional skills and knowledge in the subjects/activities that they are particularly interested in. The aim of netball is to get the ball in the hoop and score more goals than the opposing team thus winning the match; aims for the child is to gain additional fitness, allow them to gain skills in netball (eye/hand co-ordination), work as a team, play individual roles (e.g. goal keeper/goal shooter) and to have a team that can compete against other schools. The activity should also be fun! The content of netball is what you actually do during the session. In netball the content involves the following: •teaching the game and rules of netball

what each position does in terms of getting the ball to into the goal and what they are supposed to do • the boundaries each position has inside the court
the skills required, such as passing, shooting, hand-eye co-ordination and appropriate travelling The children are always made aware of what the content will be during that particular session before the activities begin. 1.2 Explain the values or codes of practice relevant to the activity The values or codes of practice relate to belief systems and standards that need to be considered when carrying out an extra curriculum activity. There needs to be...

References: Book – Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (Primary) pages 300-314
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