Extra Classes

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Extra classes a waste of time and resources

SOME schools extend schooling time to hold extra classes. The schools think that this will guarantee straight A’s students. I do not think so.

After-school hours are for students to play games, join some social events or other beneficial activities.

And the school holiday is a very crucial time for students because they can rest and indulge in their favourite pastimes like reading, playing outdoor games, travelling, etc, which they would not otherwise have the time for.

All these activities are beneficial to them as they are in their growing years.

Malaysia is a tropical country with a hot and humid climate and it is not conducive for students and teachers alike to study and teach in the hot afternoon.

Extra classes are normally an extension of school hours, which make it very uncomfortable, and coupled with their tiredness make these lessons a waste of time and resources for both teachers and students.

One thing about extra classes is that control and supervision by the school authorities tend to be lax. And because of this, students often flout school rules by playing truant and bringing mobile phones to class. This then defeats the whole purpose of having tuition classes!

So why have tuition classes? It is a waste of time and resources to parents and the school authorities, not to mention the desired end-results.

Students should be committed to their studies when in school. Schools should develop each student’s talents according to his or her potential. That will effectively nurture students.

Extra classes burdening and unnecessary?

EF International Academy

More parents are sending their children, aged between 7 and 10, for private tuition. They cite competitive school environment, crowded classrooms and changing standards of language as reasons. But there are also perceptions that extra tuition places unnecessary stress on the child, writes...
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