External Factors

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Factor analysis Pages: 4 (838 words) Published: October 24, 2010
External Factors

DRIEYES will be challenged by a number of external factors. Analysis of geographical, political, economic, social and environmental elements will evaluate the strength of DRIEYES.

Keeping versatile Sydney market in mind, we have to drill down all of external factor affecting DRIEYES either directly or in directly. Keeping our product, Australia especially Sydney has a lot of potential with highest population. In addition to that, we are expecting a benefit of Sydney beaches which will help in promoting DRIEYES.

Political policies play an important role in product sustainability. We are at the verge of electing a new government. Keeping previous policies of leading parties in mind, we are expecting numerous reliefs for industries related to child health. We are introducing bio degradable product which will help in preserving the environment and will enable us to claim government support. DRIEYES promotional activities will be supported by Rudd’s climate policy.

Economic growth in Australia is pretty much evident comparing to any other part of the world. That’s true interest rate is increasing abruptly but on the same note it is showing economic growth. Strength of Australian Dollar comparing to American Dollar is one of the supporting factor.

Australian’s are health conscious nation. One of its evident example is there is no GST on organic food. They are very conscious with their young generations. DRIEYES will provide relief to the mothers of Sydney. The basic relief for mother is acid free product for their children. It is going to be revolutionary product in baby care which will remarkably affect the buying habit of mothers.

DRIEYES will be challenged by a number of competitors being settled not only in Australian market but round the world for quite a long time. The competitive edge DRIEYES has is acid free and bio degradable. Environment friendly nature of product will be a selling point comparing to competitor....
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