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Topics: Ecology, Ecosystem, Biodiversity Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Published: December 12, 2012

Impact of Humans on Ecosystems

By Lamario Moore

Have you ever wondered what drastic changes our actions make to our ecosytem each day? Several of the things we do from loitering to visiting zoos have a dealing with the ecosystem and how it functions.

A typical ecosystem growing and thriving.
Credit: Google Images

Conserving biodiversity is a very important task as a human. We must help keep the organisms and living things intact. A rainforest is the perfect example of how we currently keep this environment friendlier and healthier. Ethics, the study of ecology, economics, and aesthetics can explain why we conserve biodiversity. As we begin to kill species, we have to remember that each species has a right to life. We also have to take into consideration that we are being selfish when we kill off rainforest and not allow our future generations see what nature has for them. On the ecological side, reducing the rainforest increases global warming and it also removes important nutrients from the Earth. Reducing the rainforest also takes away money from visitors who are trying to tour rainforest. At times when we are killing off the rainforest, we forget that killing plants rids certain medicines, thus allowing less production of money. Many artists and writers also get their inspiration from the forest.

A rainforest that is thriving through the conservationists.
Credit: Google Images.

Alien species have also made a big leap in our impact. Alien species are a species introduced to an environment outside of its normal capacity and distribution. Alien species are predators of most species that are supposed to be here. They also inter-specifically compete with native species for food, space, and other resources vital for success. The purple loosestrife is an aggressive plant that hurts the ecosystem. The plants produces 2.7 million seeds and spreads out over 480, 000 acres of wetlands each year. It also takes away...
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