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OS Solutions is an Australian company

with its headquarters based in Brisbane, Queensland. As an international company,

OS Solutions prides itself by helping its clients build healthy business partnerships and relationships. Services provided by the company always contain accurate information that will help benefit companies business dealings and reputation. OS Solutions specializes in researching countries for our clients and making recommendations for company’s potential business ventures. In addition to providing information packages, OS Solutions provide in-service of delegates prior to departure overseas to visit potential clients. Through these services provided by the company an advantage is gained and a higher potential for future international clients is on an increase. Expanding business dealings across the border of Australia and into other international countries can either be highly successful and beneficial or have an end result of bankruptcy. Rather than decreasing company’s revenue, OS Solutions strives to make beneficial increase in company’s revenue and total yearly profit. Although there are many benefits when trading overseas, one must remember that cultural differences and costumes need to be taken into consideration. These are crucial parts in trading internationally and need to be taken very seriously. OS Solutions prioritizes its clients before self-profit to ensure client achievement and successful trading.


Indonesia is the fourth largest populated country in the world and is located in Southeast Asia. South East Asia is home to more than 24 million people and Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, has more than 9 million people situated within it. Indonesia covers 1,904,569 sq km and is positioned 500 S and 120 00 E from the equator.

Indonesians speak various languages including Bahasa Indonesia, fluent English and Dutch. As a result of the several languages, the communication barrier between Australian’s and Indonesian’s is quite limited.

The government structure of Indonesia follows the framework of a republic in which they declared independence from Netherlands East Indies and Dutch East Indies in August 1945. This was followed by the constitution which was annulled by the Federal Constitution and Provisional Constitution. The current president; Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Chief of State and Head of Government, is the leader of the Republic of Indonesia and has been for nearly 13 years now. (October 2004-present).

According to ‘FriendsOfIndonesia’ the religious systems found in Indonesia are comprised of a wide variety of beliefs with 80.3% of the population claiming to be Muslim. Indonesia is considered to be the largest Muslim country in the world. There are also groups who practice forms of Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese Religions, Christianity and Shamanistic Animism. When dealing with any form of Indonesian business, consider the religious requirements of ones religion, in particular the Muslim faith.

Power, Role and Status Issues

When involved in Indonesian business, it is important to remember that status is very important within the work place practices. In fact, everyone within the business has a particular role. Indonesia is a group-orientated culture which therefore reflects the hierarchy in the working culture. ‘A hierarchy is a system of organization or authority that has assigned positions by level or rank, with higher levels taking precedence over lower ones’ (WikiAnswers, 2010).

Titles are important in Indonesia as they signify status. Therefore, titles on business cards are always used. If you have a title, ensure you use it in conjunction when introducing yourself. There are many benefits as a superior or a senior. Indicators of wealth from an authorative position include; company cars, hand held phones, golf club memberships, nice houses, vacations and money...

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