Topics: United States, Christopher Columbus, Americas Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: July 16, 2014
Leif Ericcson - an explorer who set sail in 990 to seek land that was seen in the distance. He landed in Helluland, Markland, and Vinaland. He just explored the territory and returned home. Christopher Columbus – a Spanish explorer who set sail in 1492 to search for a trade route to China. With three ships (Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria), he landed near present- day Bahamas. He brought back Native American slaves, tobacco, gold, potato corn, and silver to Spain. He went on a total of 4 trips. Juan Ponce de Leon – an explorer who accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to America. He defeated native revolts, made a fortune in gold and slaves, and wanted to discover the fountain of youth. He sailed from Puerto Rico to Florida, but was never able to find the fountain of youth. John Cabot – an Italian explorer who set sail in 1497 searching for the Northwest Passage. He searched the northern coast of North America but was unsuccessful looking for the passage. Amerigo Vespucci – an explorer who sailed in 1499 along the coast of South America and started the map of Americas. Hernan Cortez – one of the famous Spanish conquistadors, who sailed in 1519 from Cuba to Mexico. He was able to defeat the Aztec Empire with 600 men. And had the desire to find gold and other riches to increase his wealth and the wealth of Spain. Jacque Cartier – an explorer who was on the first European expedition into the gulf of St. Lawrence. Then, he traveled to Montreal in 15365. He had intentions to establish colonies, but disease broke out and it ended the expedition. Hernan de Soto – an explorer who set said in 1539 in search of the lost seven cities of gold. However, he landed in Florida and explored the Southeastern United States. He went from Florida to the Carolinas and toward the Mississippi river. But, he never found the golden islands. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado – an explorer who set sail in 1540 in search of the seven cities of Cibola. He ended up...
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