Giovanni Da Verrazano

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Giovanni Da Verrazano

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Giovanni Da Verrazano was one of the many European explorers that explored The New World, he explored northern eastern part of the present day U.S which are North Carolina, New York, Maine, Canada. Verrazano was also an Italian navigator who boarded voyages along with He was a Florentine explorer that served for King Francis I of France. Giovanni da Verrazano Giovanni travelled the seas as a pirate, or Privateer sailing for King Francis I of France, attacking ships belonging to the Spanish and the Portuguese. He was also an Italian navigator, in 1524, explored the northeast coast of North America from Cape Fear, North Carolina to Maine while trying to find a Northwest Passage to Asia. The Verrazano Narrows Bridge, a suspension bridge that goes through New York Harbor, connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island, was something that’s named after him. Giovanni Da Verrazano was born in 1485 Val di Greve, south of Florence, Italy, Republic of Florence, the son of Piero Andrea di Bernardo da Verrazano and Fiammetta Cappelli. He found a very deep interest in adventure and exploration at an early age. In some sources, he was born in a wealthy family which motivated his education to be exceedingly great. In 1506, Verrazano moved to the port of Dieppe in France. Even though, he is Italian he serves for France. He spent many years as a pirate for France, spying on Spanish and Portuguese sea vessels. Around the time of 1508, he left France on his first trip to the Americas on the ship La Pensee, which was owned by Jean Ango, and captained by Thomas Aubert. On his arrival he took a small fishing craft from the La Pensee and made his initiate explorations areas of Newfoundland and the St. Lawrence River, which is in Canada today. Verrazano left Madeira, Spain, on January 17, 1524, and his destination was at Cape Fear on March 1. Verrazano believed that North America was a thin isthmus separating the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. An isthmus is narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas, usually with water on either side of the land. H thought that if he finds a way through North America he’ll end up in China as his destination. Giovanni da Verrazano travelled the seas as a pirate, sailing for King Francis I of France, assaulting ships that belonged to the Spanish and the Portuguese. Verrazano explored the Atlantic coast of North America farther north, he discovered New York Harbor, Block Island and Narragansett Bay .However, since he was very far off-shore, Verrazano missed exploring the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. He sailed farther north to Maine and Newfoundland before going back to France. The King of France wanted a western route to China. So Verrazano was sent on the first voyages by the King of France to find a western route to China. France was an in deep competition with Portugal and Spain to find passage ways to Asia. In seek of help he asked Verrazano to navigate the ships and search for a western passage to Asia. Like many explorers of the day, Verrazano was also seeking a passage to the Pacific Ocean and Asia, and he thought that is he sails along the northern coastline of the New World he will find a passage way to the west coast and to Asia. King Francis gave him four ships in total. The four boats that were given to Verrazano was loaded with ammunition, cannons, lifeboats, and scientific equipment that can last up until 8 months. Four ships set sail to the west for the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, but a violent storm and rough seas caused the ship to be shipwrecked. The other two remaining ships, La Dauphine and La Normande, were forced to return to Brittany, France to get damage repairs. After, the damages are repaired they sail back to sea. However, this time the ships headed south toward calmer waters, to prevent ship wreck. The calmer water were under dangerous Spanish and Portuguese...

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