Explain the Views of at Least 3 Main Stakeholders for Two Contrasting Businesses

Topics: National Health Service, Stakeholder analysis, Primary care Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Explain the views of at least 3 main stakeholders for each of your businesses What are the aims and objectives of the business?
Who are the main stakeholders?
What are they trying to achieve from influencing the organisation? What is their impact?

Burger King

The main aims and objectives of Burger King would of initially been to survive and establish themselves, but now as they are a huge global business they will want to become the number one fast food restaurant, expand (have more restaurants), gain a greater profit and increase their number of customers. To achieve these they will have to get more stakeholders to purchase their franchise which would expand their business and also would gain more customers. To gain more profit and be the best they could set objectives to produce new products and new ways of marketing.

There are many stakeholders of Burger King; customers, employers, suppliers, owners and the trade union. The customers of Burger King are classed as external stakeholders, they have an interest in the business as they are the purchasers, users and consumers of Burger King. They are vital for the business as they provide the cash flow. The cash flow comes from customers wanting a product enough to purchase it, so they are affected by changes in the business which then affects the businesses profit. The customers want products with good variety, quality, convenience and low cost. Employees are also a main stakeholder of Burger King and in 2010 they had 38,840 (approx). Their interest in the business is having a job, salary, job security, chance of promotion, job satisfaction and training. The employees of Burger King want to have an influence on the business and have their good efforts noticed with promotions and employee of the month/year. They affect the turnover of the business and level of customer service for example if certain employees didn’t do everything they are employed to do and do things to a good standard this could give a...
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