Explain How Stalin Developed the Cult of Personality in the 1930s.

Topics: Russia, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Explain how Stalin developed the cult of personality in the 1930s.

Stalin became leader of Russia in 1927. He needed to achieve the support of the Russian people and he managed to do this by using his intellect and power. He used propaganda and mass media. He also cleverly rewrote history, making it look as if he had a bigger part in the October revolution than he actually did. He also managed to make his relationship with Lenin look much closer than they were. He cunningly told Trotsky the wrong date for Lenin’s funeral, and became the chief mourner at Lenin’s funeral. This helped gain support for him greatly as the Russian people looked up to Lenin.

He achieved more support by making himself seem as the perfect person; he had many photos taken which were forms of propaganda, many portrayed men, women and children giving him flowers and him hugging the kids. This made people think he was much friendlier than he was. As Lenin was seen as a role model to the Russian Public. Stalin made sure that when people thought of Lenin they thought of him too, as he made the Russian people think that had many similar qualities. He edited photographs and paintings to make it look like he was with Lenin mostly replacing Trotsky with himself.

He made himself seem god-like by claiming that he was making Russia great again, and that only he could do it through his own methods. He made sure that all his successes were recorded. His face in the Newspapers, posters and everywhere else. He controlled what was published in Russia and made sure only positive things were stated about him. Stalin also named towns, cities, rivers and streets after himself; this helped create the god like image he had created of who he was. He honoured himself with titles such as “Father of Nations”, and “Great Architect of communism” which all helped the Russian public think Stalin was the best thing to happen to Russia.

Another effective method was terror. He made sure that no one could speak...
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