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By theivanbendiola Jul 23, 2013 639 Words
My Experience in Faith Hospital

My visit in the hospital was totally unexpected. Days before were the time for preparation for the upcoming graduation day to be held on March 21, that is on Thursday. Suddenly my brother caught a fever on Tuesday. Day after, my sister's temperature risen. The cause of their fever was unknown, my parents just treat them with home remedies. Instead they will be cured, their sickness got only worse. So, my parents decided to bring them to the hospital after my graduation. When the day me and my batchmates waiting about finally arrives, many unexpected things happened along the graduation ceremony which I can't elaborate for now or maybe I would generally describe it as emotional. Right after the gradvuation me and my mother immediately went to Faith Hospital which is located near the school, and there we checked any available rooms and for reservation. After the celebration of my achievement, where it was held in our residence, my mother packed the things we will need in the hospital. Around two o'clock in the afternoon, we had departed from our home and on our way towards the said hospital together with my family except my father and the whole family of my grandmom and their van as our mode of transportation. As we reached our destination, we were gone in the emergency room of the hospital for the operation to be done with my younger siblings. We then proceed to our room which is a semi-private type and with my uncle namely Cesar. For 3 days living in the hospital, I can say that it was totally boring and tiring experience. I was once a watcher for my brother the first night and from time to time, the nurses wake me up in order to give medicine to my brother. I can say that it was a very annoying feeling that you are in a deep sleep and suddenly you need to woke up and after that you will going to consume more time and effort in getting back to sleep. On the friday night, I had the feeling that my heart was like nabunutan ng tinik, beacause I will going home but alone to sleep in there. On the very morning I have to rush because I need to bring food and any other things in the hospital, with the expectation that we will be out in the hospital. When I arrived and when the doctor have to check up my brotber John and sister Princess by their doctor, namely Dr. NildaFeliciano, she had stated that we will not leaving that day and decided that maybe tomorrow morning. The news was a big heartbreak for all of us, we have no other choice but to follow. That day also, most of the patients we had joined with the room were;scheduled to leave. And unexpectedly, all of the patients with the total of five were going home and we family was left, just like we owned the room the whole night. Sunday, was the day we were asking for, the doctor had confirmed our out and just leave perscriptions for home treatment. As hours passed by, my mother oaid a total bill of 4,050php. Truly, it was not a small amount for us, we will need to asked money from my grandparents who were gone in Cotaboto for visit. I ain't sure if my grandparents give us money or not. And around 2 pm, my grandmom and her husband in the side of my mother picked us up in the hospital with their van. For 4 days living in the hospital, we were finally home. Indeed that was a great feeling but as we reached the house we need to clean the whole house we left for how many days.

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