Expansion Of Globalization

Topics: Asia, Africa, Middle East Pages: 0 (541 words) Published: November 23, 2014
By: Justin Fedoruk
1. Domestication of the donkey, the horse and the camel.
Globalization because this was not forced upon people, people created the idea. 2. Invention of the wheel.
Globalization because the wheel was seen as something that would benefit people so people started embracing the idea.
3. Invention of sturdy watercraft.
Globalization because sturdy watercraft was an idea that was accepted by the majority. You could now sail safer than ever before and people thought this was a good idea so they emulated it.
4. Establishment of shipping between the Middle East and North Africa. Globalization because new shipping routes were beneficial for sailors and merchants as they were given more routes to distribute and collect goods, with the exchange of raw materials as well.

5. Establishment of the Silk Road between the Middle East and East Asia. Globalization because establishing the Silk Road was very beneficial for merchants and others of the sorts as it gave them access to new materials. 6. Establishment of well-travelled sea lanes in the Indian Ocean. Globalization because this made travelling by sea easier and faster as these routes became more well known and were travelled more.

7. The Crusades.
Imperialism because the crusades were all about converting people to a new religion. This was done by many violent means as people were forced to convert. 8. Establishment of trade links between Asia and Europeans

Globalization because these links were beneficial to both Europeans and Asians so they accepted it.

9. Introduction of modern banking and representative currency. Globalization because modern banking and representative currency is under globalization because Countries saw this as an opportunity to make their own money and people saw this as a way to keep and save their money

10. . Establishments of trade routes between Europe and Southern Africa. Globalization because governments and Merchants saw this as an opportunity to trade and...
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