Globalization of Non-Western Countries

Topics: Investment, India, Tax Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: March 6, 2009
As globalization continues to spread over the world, many countries are beginning to feel its effects. One example is the auto industry. The automobile business is evolving rapidly on a worldwide basis. Car and parts manufacturers are merging, component design and manufacture are now frequently outsourced instead of being created in-house, brands are changing and the giant automobile companies are expanding deeper into providing financial services to car buyers. Meanwhile, all of the biggest, most successful automobile industry firms have become totally global in nature. Globalization is in evidence throughout the automobile industry. Mail order brides are also a good example of the impact of globalization, by integrating more of Russian culture into the western world and vice versa. Economically, this practice can help boost the groom’s country because many of these women choose to enter the workforce once they are married into western society. It is also financially beneficial for Russia because many of the matchmaking services are located there, bringing in money to boost their economy. Ultimately, the mail order bride industry of Russia has a positive impact on the process of globalization and the economies of both the western and non-western countries involved. The last example is one that I will analyze further in this essay, illustrating and detailing how the effects of globalization can be seen in the economic developments within India’s economy. India and the U.S. have been building their international relationships and the changes are quite noticable in a variety of India‘s markets, including the impact of foreign investments on these markets.

The primary example of the effect of globalization on India's economy is in their government and their military. In the last decade India’s defense budget has increased from $16.74 billion in 2004 to $20.11 billion in 2006, now ranking India among the worlds top 12 military spenders. It is also among the...
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