Exile in Dapitan

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Life and work of Rizal chapter21 summary?

Arrival in manila. Rizal and his sister Lucia arrived in Manila at nooon of Sunday, June 26, 1892, on board the small steamer Don Juan. The met by s platoon of carabineers and their commander. While the carabineers were inspecting their luggage, a captain and sergeant of the Guardia Civil Veterana (Manila Police), both in disguise, watched the inspection procedings. After the customs inspection, Rizal and his sister were allowed to go. The Founding of the Lega Filipina. The succeeding days saw Rizal a very busy man. His presence in Manila caused a sensation among the Filipinos who were all eaaager to see him and talk with him. On the other hand, the Spaniard were woried, fearful of his grat popularity.

1. To unite whole archipelago into one compact and homogeneous body. 2. Mutual protection in every want and necessity.
3. Defense against all violence and injustice.
4.Encouragement of instruction, agriculture and commerce.
5. Study and applicant of reform.
Deportation to Dapitan. On July 7, 1892, Rizal was summoned to Malacanan. Governor Despujol asked him if he still wanted to go back to Hongkong. Rizal replied in the affirmative.

July 7, 1892, Governor Despujol's decee depirting Rizal to an island in the south was published by the Gaceta de Manila, a newspaper in Manila. This gubernatorial decree recited the reason for Rizal's deportation, as follow:

1.Rizal had published books and articles abroad whitch showed disloyalty to Spain and whitch were "frankly anti-Catholic" and "imprudently anti-friar." 2.A new hours after his arrival in Manila "there was found in one of the packages. . .a bundle of handbills entitled 'Pobres Frailes' in which the patient and humble generosity of Filipinos is satirized, and which accusation is published agaist the customs of the religious order." 3.His novel El Filibusterismo was dedicated to the memory of the three 'traitors' (Burgos,Gomez,and Zamora), and on the title page he wrote that in view of the vices and errors of the spanish administration, "the only salvation for the Philippines was separation from the mother country." 4."The end which he pursues in his efforts and writings is to tear from the loyal Filipino breasts the treasures of our holy Catholic faith." Rizal in Dapitan. The ship which brought Rizal to Dapitan also carred a letter by Fr.Pablo Pastells, Superior of the Jesuit Societyin the Philippinse, to Fr.Antonio Obanch, Jesuit missionary of Dapitan . In this letter, Father Pastells informed the missionarry that Rizal could live in the Jesuit mission house on the following conditions;

1. "That Rizal publicly retract his errrors concerning religion, and make satements that were clearly pro-Spanish and against revolution. 2. "That he perform the church rites and make general confession of his past life. 3. "That henceforth he conduct himself in an exemplaly manner as a Spanish subject and a man of religion.

Rizal-Pastells Debate on Religion. During his exile in Dapitan, Rizal had a long and scholary debate by correspondence with Father Pastells on religion . It started when Father Pastells sent a book by Sarda to Rizal, witch an advice that the latter (Rizal) should desist from his foolishness (majaderias) in trying to view religion from the prism of individual judgment and self-esteem.

Four letters written by Rizal as follows: (1)September 1, 1892; (2)November 11, 1892; (3)January 9, 1893; and (4)April 4, 1893; and in Father Pastells' replies date: (1)October 12, 1892, (2)December 8, 1892; (3)February 2, 1893; and (4)April (no exact date), 1893.

Useful and Peaceful Life. In Dapitan, Rizal led an exemplary life, fruitful of achievements and idyllic in serenity.

Describing his life in Dapitan,Rizal wrote to Blumentritt on December 19, 1893:

I shall tell you how we live here. I have three house: one square, another hexagonal, and a third octagonal , all of bamboo, wood, and...
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