exel logistic case study

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Answer 1 Stalk analyzed the Receiving process and started organizing the data to prepare the Run Chart to display observed data in time sequence. After identifying the 5 sources of error Slotter, Keying, Letdown, ITR ADJ, Putaway, we are trying to notice a trend in the Proportion of errors noticed/Total errors observed. Following are the run charts prepared for this exercise Chart 1 Slotter Errors Chart 2 Keying Errors Chart 3 Letdown Errors Chart 4 ITR ADJ Errors Chart 5 Putaway Errors Chart 6 Other Errors Please open the embedded excel spreadsheet to refer the detailed data. We have provided the corresponding run charts above for quick reference. EMBED Excel.Sheet.8 Answer 2 Margolis and Stalk were able to identify that they are not dealing with measurable variables like length, width or thickness of an object but with the classification of different process stages as being defective or not. This information can help us narrowing down to a particular control chart type. Following is a summarized view of entire exercise which mentions all the calculations required to draw control charts and to reach to conclusion about state of process. Exhibit ProcessSample SizeSubgroupsTotal Sample UnitsTotal ErrosCenterlineStandard ErrorUCLLCLProcess Status3Overall80045360006550.01820.00470.03240.0040In Control4Module 140045180004860.02700.00810.05130.0027Out Of Control5Module 340045180001690.00940.00480.02390.0000Out Of Control Please open the embedded excel spreadsheet to refer the detailed process. Following are given the supportive snapshots of various control charts for a quick reference. EMBED Excel.Sheet.8 Exhibit 3 Overall performance of Receiving process Exhibit 4 Module 1 Performance Exhibit 5 Module 3 Performance Answer 3. Let us have a look at the receiving process of Exel to understand the potential errors during the flow Possible Errors Slotter Errors in any of the slotter functions Keying Errors in receiving officer keying the quantities into the inventory system Letdown Errors in any of the unloader functions ITR ADJ Errors I receiving packet prepared by receiving officer Put away Errors in putting the pallet/stack in the wrong location We have seen above that the receiving process as far as the available data shows is in control and does not have any outliers whatsoever. However the question asks us to identify the percentage of days where the error in receiving goes more than 2. The chart above shows that the process is under control but the data tells that the limits are till 3, whereas we need to put the limit at 2. Out of 45 days we get that on 14 days the receiving error is likely to exceed 2 which is beyond the customer requirement this comes out to be 31.1 of the days. The below chart shows the clear picture Keeping into consideration the USL by the customer i.e 2 we can conclude that the process is not under control. Answer 5 - A-hA9/j (aYm p9eX7J9 2F_ H fXO-9iu9L.jLGOdTY4 F1

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