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Getting Started in Excel
Many of the editing tools that you use in Excel are similar to Word and PowerPoint You will need to become familiar with a few new things for Excel: Rows, Columns, Various Formulas, and Charts just to name a few When you see a reference such as A7, A is the column and 7 is the row, this will give you the particular cell that is being referenced. You will learn that you can click or enter in information when it comes to cells and formulas. Everyone will have their own preference on how to do this and one way is not better than the other. Basic calculations can be done as follows:

Once you have entered a formula for a cell – if the following cells require the same formula you can click and drag your mouse to copy the formula to adjacent cells Once you have entered a formula you can change one of the numbers used in the formula and it will automatically adjust the results of the formula!! This allows you to use spreadsheets repeatedly without having to redo everything. There are several display options for the way the numbers will appear (accounting, general, etc.) For formulas just think back to the basic operations of math (parenthesis, adding, subtracting, dividing, etc.) – Excel does what you tell it to. If you find your numbers are not coming out right, check for numbers entered incorrectly! This is the case 99% of the time. It is easy to transpose a number and it will throw everything off. There are many formulas and charts that can help you – just play around with these options until you get comfortable with them. And as always if you need any help just let me know!!
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