Examples of How to Plan Activities

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Course:Teaching Assistant Level1

Q1.Give examples of how you would plan activities.

Under the direction of the teacher, you will discuss and fully understand your role within the teacher’s lesson plan. The teacher will have previously completed long and medium term plans for the class. The class teacher’s short terms plan for the week can be broken down into daily plans. These will give you an idea of the number of children involved in the learning objective, previous learning, environment, resources available and a time scales. Which individuals or groups of children are to work on tasks at a particular time, taking into account individual needs and interests, grouping together children with similar abilities so that they are working towards the same targets, and give an indication of whether they are to be supported by an adult. This is a great opportunity for you the TA to get involved with the weekly plan and to contribute your own ideas to the planning session.

You are aware in advance of what you are required to do. •There are clear roles and responsibilities for you working together with the teacher to support the pupils. •The work you are covering fits in with the activities and topics which have been planned for the term. •You are aware of where, when, what and who you will be working with. •The objectives of the learning activity.

The type and level of support the pupils may need.

The above established you can start preparing and organising for the learning activity:

Where the learning activity is being taken place: is there sufficient space for the learning activity. •What resources may be needed: are the resources readily available and accessible, do you need to bring in furniture or equipment for implementing the learning activities. •Who you will be supporting: individuals, groups or perhaps a SEN pupil, in the event of a SEN pupil, you may want to gather further information on the pupil for example you should be aware of the IEP’s and PSP’s

Q2.Describe your role in delivering learning activities

Know and understand the objectives of the learning activities and strategies for supporting pupils and ensure you share the same goals as the teacher.

Example of an Individual Lesson plan for Geography

Learning Objective: For pupils to be familiar with and understand the water cycle. Introduction: Find out what the children know about the water cycle. Class discuss to see how much they can remember about water from the previous lesson.

Main part of lesson: Children to work in groups:
Group 1: Work with teacher, using the internet and reference books to see what they can find out. Group 2: Work with TA using artwork and models to explain what happens. Group 3: Work independently to explain the water cycle, in their own words and diagrams. Conclusion: Children to discuss what they have found out and give examples.

As a TA you would:

Prepare the learning environment to meet the needs of all the pupils. •Provide appropriate learning activities for the individual or group, selecting the appropriate learning materials required. •Maintaining pupil safety at all times.

Interacting with the pupils, using praise and encouragement. •Observe the pupils responses.

Assist the teacher in the implementation of set tasks, e.g. setting up and clearing the classroom before and after activities.
Assist in the production of teaching aids and preparation of work for the pupils as required, charts, displays, worksheets, etc. Provide general classroom help.

Making accurate and detailed records of what has been planned and delivered.

Take a pro-active role and use initiative within the classroom.

Q3.Make a list of the things expected from you as part of your role in supporting an individual pupil or group of pupils.

Adapt activities that will encourage independent learning and provide challenges. Ensure the pupils understand and...
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