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Weekly Progress Report

Topic: Human Resource Pratices at Google. (Executive Summary)

Objectives of the week: Giving a brief look into the project, and making its outline, fit for successful completion of the project.

Work Done/Objectives Achieved: INTRODUCTION OF ORGANISATION: The Google search engine has become so popular that it is now listed as a verb in the dictionary (Merriam-Webster 2009). The American Dialect Society members voted “Google” as the most used word of the year 2002 (Google, Google Milestones, 2009). Co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while students at Stanford University, Google was incorporated as a privately held company in 1998 (Google, Google Milestones, 2009) and is a textbook example of modern ‘employee-centric’ policies and benefits. Google has come a long way from its modest beginnings as a university project called the Backrub (Google, Google Milestones, 2009) to a billion-dollar company; but they have retained the collegiate vision of creative campus-like corporate environs and unparalleled employee perks and benefits throughout this phenomenal growth. The corporate headquarters of Google - Googleplex is located at Mountain View, California and has been a favorite download on YouTube displaying the cornucopia of hard-tobelieve fringe benefits the company boasts. Google currently has offices in 14 states and in 36 different countries worldwide, including Australia, India, China, Mexico, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates (Google 2009). Google has a wide variety of products and services like web search, image search, and product searches to blogs, online translations, document sharing and remains on the cutting edge of information technologies and services. Millward Brown Optimizer’s Brandz ranks the 100 most powerful brands in the world, and Google has been in the top ten since 2006 and has the position of the most valuable and powerful brand for the years 2007, 2008, and 2009

(Optimer, 2009).


METHODOLOGIES: Method adopted to study HR practices at google are through primary data and secondary data. Primary data includes interviews and survey about the organisation. And secondary data includes information collected from internet, print media , news paper, magazine etc. or studying someones theory paper.

Top 10 bold approaches that define the current “bleeding-edge” of HR practices.

1. Outrageous benefits – Google recently revealed that it offers amazing death benefits to every U.S. employee. Should any of its U.S. employees die, their surviving spouse or domestic partner will receive 50% of the employee’s paycheck each year for the next 10 years! With a young employee base, fortunately not many will likely take advantage of this benefit, but it still sends a powerful message that benefits at Google are different.

2. Limited-term employee contracts – even though most managers have the right to fire weak-performing employees, most never get around to it unless the employee does something truly outrageous. In order to force managers to weed out weak performers, the Revel casino and hotel required many of its new hires who interact with customers to sign employee contracts with a limit of four to five years. After their contract expires, employees must formally reapply for their job. Hotel management argues that eliminating the guarantee of a permanent job will pressure employees to remain productive and customer-friendly throughout their employment term. They also believe that top performers won’t be discouraged with the lack of job security because their performance level will continue to make them desirable.

3. Meetups for recruiting — Edelman, the powerhouse PR firm, combines social media and “meet up” events to attract and build relationships with the...
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