Topics: Management, Organization, Organizational studies Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Course: Organizational Behavior-II
Faculty: Dr. Neerpal Rathi
Course Objectives:
An organization does not really accomplish anything on its own. Plans do not accomplish anything either. Endeavors succeed or fail because of the people involved. Apart from their own personality attributes, peoples’ efforts in an organization are also influenced by the changes in economic, technological and social conditions, inside and outside the organization. The course Organizational Behavior-II is planned and designed to help students to understand various group processes, conflict management, and negotiation and to develop skills in leading and teamwork. Moreover, the course focuses on understanding how different parts of an organization interact and work together by studying the concepts of organizational structure, design, organizational culture, and organizational change and development.

Teaching/Learning Methods:
A variety of teaching/learning methods will be used to achieve the course objectives. These include: readings, lectures, case studies, group discussions, exercises, audio-visual, and assignments etc.

Students are evaluated based on their performance in individual assignments, mid-term and end-term examination, group learning paper, and group project and presentations. The weightage for various components will be as followed:
Individual Assignment – 15%
Group Learning Paper – 15%
Mid-term examination – 20%
End-term examination – 30%
Group project and presentations – 20%
Sessions Plan
A tentative schedule for the topics to be completed in different sessions is presented below. Sessions| Topic| |
1 23 | Group Dynamics and Work TeamsGroup formation and development, functional and dysfunctional group dynamics, decision making by groupsTypes of teams, characteristics of an effective team, and creating effective teams| Case discussion/ExerciseReading| 456| Conflict, Cooperation, Trust, and Deviance Nature...
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