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Chapter 1 Introduction to Management and Organizations

True/False Questions


1. Today’s managers are just as likely to be women as they are men. (True; moderate; p. 4)

2. Management affects employee morale but not a company’s financial performance. (False; easy; p. 4)


3. In order to be considered a manager, an individual must coordinate the work of others. (True; moderate; p. 5)

4. Supervisors and foremen may both be considered first-line managers. (True; moderate; p. 6)


5. Effectiveness refers to the relationship between inputs and outputs. (False; moderate; p. 8)

6. Effectiveness is concerned with the means of getting things done, while efficiency is concerned with the attainment of organizational goals. (False; moderate; p. 8)

7. A goal of efficiency is to minimize resource costs.
(True; moderate; p. 8)

8. Efficiency is often referred to as “doing things right.” (True; moderate; p. 8)

9. Managers who are effective at meeting organizational goals always act efficiently. (False; difficult; p. 8)


10. The four contemporary functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. (True; easy; p. 9)

11. Determining who reports to whom is part of the controlling function of management. (False; easy; p. 9)

12. Directing and motivating are part of the controlling function of management. (False; moderate; p. 9)

13. Fayol’s management functions are basically equivalent to Mintzberg’s management roles. (False; moderate; p. 10)

14. The roles of figurehead, leader, and liaison are all interpersonal roles. (True; difficult; p. 10)

15. Disturbance handler is one of Mintzberg’s interpersonal roles. (False; difficult; p. 10)

16. Mintzberg’s informational management role involves receiving, collecting, and disseminating information. (True; moderate; p. 10)

17. Mintzberg’s resource allocation role is similar to Fayol’s planning function because it involves the coordination of employee’s activities. (True; difficult; p. 11)

18. Resource allocation and disturbance handling are both considered decisional roles. (True; moderate; p. 11)

19. A finance manager who reads the Wall Street Journal on a regular basis would be performing the figurehead role. (False; moderate; p. 11)

20. Katz found that managers needed three essential skills: technical, human, and informational. (False; difficult; p. 12)

21. Technical skills become less important as a manager moves into higher levels of management. (True; moderate; p. 12)

22. Conceptual skills become less important as a manager moves into top management. (False; easy; p. 12)

23. Interpersonal skills involve a manager’s ability to think about abstract situations. (False; moderate; p. 12)

24. Coaching and budgeting are skills closely related to the management function of leading. (False; difficult; p. 14)

25. Budgeting is a skill that is related to both planning and controlling. (True; moderate; p. 14)

26. In today’s world, organizational managers at all levels and in all areas need to encourage their employees to be on the look-out for new ideas and new approaches. (True; moderate; p. 16)

27. Only first-line managers and employees need to be concerned with being customer-responsive. (False; moderate; p. 16)

28. Innovation is only important in high-tech firms.
(False; moderate; p. 16)


29. A distinct purpose is important in defining an organization. (True; easy; p. 18)

30. A nontaxable organization, such as the United Way, cannot be considered an organization. (False; moderate; p.18)

Multiple-Choice Questions

For each of the following choose the answer that most completely answers the question.

A Manager’s Dilemma

31. Which of the following statements regarding managers in today’s world is accurate? a. Their age range is limited to between 30 and 65.
b. They...
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