Evolution Theory. Why Men Rape

Topics: Woman, Violence, Gender role Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: July 29, 2013
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What Role Evolution is playing in our behavior? Why Men Rape The question of why men rape still remains unresolved. One scientist saying that evolution can clearly explain this behavior while another trying to protect women’s rights and denied this theory. But problem is that do we need to believe to this evolution explanation. Nature has given men to engage in sexual contacts for unlimited number of times. Women have another privilege to carefully select a partner with good genes and implements for proper background of offspring. But what about those who are disadvantaged of decent position in society or perfect health? Rape, according to the researchers, is just a variation of sexual relations, where one of the partners, making desperate efforts, trying to do what he can, to continue their family. Violence by men is caused by his desire to own as many of the partners in a world where a woman has the right of choice of the partner in life. In such situation, many men risk being left without offspring, not realizing their genetic potential. The vast majority of the victims are young women of childbearing age. Achieving success, men pass on their genes to offspring. As evidenced by the judicial statistics, only a small number of the victims were killed. This suggests that a tiny fraction of the perpetrators did not try to reproduce. Of course, not all sexual offences are genetic in nature: they are elders, children, and men. But due to the theory this is pathology, an exception of the general rule.

In reality every seventh woman once has been raped or forced into sex. But every victim has its perpetrator. It turns out that the perpetrators not only psychopaths, it is ordinary man in the street, fathers and husbands. American scientists Randy Thornhill and Craig Palmer think that rape is included in the natural biological scheme in all males, - instinct, simply transfer their genes to the next generation, even by violence.

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