Topics: Sparta, Athens, 5th century BC Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: May 24, 2014

First, compare the lives of an Athenian Male and a Spartan Male. 1. How does the birth of an Athenian male differ from the birth of a Spartan Male? (2 points)
Spartan children are taken to a council to get inspected to see if it is healthy. Olives are brought shown around the door step to show victory 2. What do olive leaves represent to an Athenian family? (1 point)

It represents victory and success
3. What happens to unwanted Athenian and Spartan babies? (1 point)
If they are not wanted, some babies are left out in the open to die. Sometimes people pick them up and raise them as slaves. 4. What is a deme? (1 point)
The local village group of Athens that they are born into.
5. At what age are Athenian boys considered to make the transition to the world of men? (1 point)
Age 3
6. What is the agoge? (1 point)
It was the rigorous education and training regimen mandated for all male Spartans.

1. What happens when a Spartan boy turns 7? (1 point)
He joins the military
. Compare the education of a Sparta boy and an Athenian boy. (2 points) They Both have to be educated. In Athens the parent pay for education and taught to to read and write and draw, while Spartans are mostly focused on battle How does the adolescent instruction of an Athenian male compare to that of a Sparta male? (2 points) Spartan and Athenians are both taught but Spartans are mostly worried about their physical attributes while Athenians are worried about theireducation

When is an Athenian male finally considered a citizen? (1 point) You have to be registered in your fathers name
1. How does the military commitment of an Athenian male compare to a Spartan male? (2 points) You are automatically forced into the army until you turn 30 years old but in Athens you are only forced for 2 years in the military. 2. What happens to a Spartan male at age 30? (1 point)

They are free to live with their families.

1. What is a duty of older Athenian men? (1 point)...
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