Evolution of Personnel Towards Hrm

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Part (a) HRM Assignment 1

Throughout the history of the evolution of personnel towards HRM there have been many landmarks which fall into a number of categories. For example, I will discuss the following headings; the welfare tradition, scientific management, the multinational influence, HRM education and U.S perspective in the 1980’s. I will discuss in each of the headings and the ways in which they have influenced HRM throughout the years. Welfare tradition – the welfare tradition was developed in Britain in a few large companies during the late 19th century and early 20th century. In the early stages of industrialisation working conditions were poor and workers only received bare minimum benefits associated with employment for example, sick pay pensions etc. The welfare tradition was aimed at improving factory workers conditions, paying particular attention to wage, health and safety and working hours. Some difficulties arose as a result of the First World War in relation to the welfare movement in Britain the development of welfare and personnel work was abandoned in many countries due to high levels of unemployment and depression in the post war period. The welfare tradition is seen as a caring approach to employees with issues such as working conditions, health and safety and personal problems. There has been some confusion about the position of the personnel practitioner in the managerial hierarchy “however, it is clear that modern personnel practitioners operate as an integral part of the management team and primarily represent employer rather than worker interests”. (Personnel and Human Resource Management) Scientific Management - scientific management is also known as Taylorism. As the welfare tradition had a problem with high levels of depression etc. Taylorism became increasingly popular. “The guest for efficiency and profitability among employers led to the standardisation of work systems and to a more systematic approach to a wide range of...
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