Hrm Evolution

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Brief Evolution of Human Resource Management Evolution of human resources: Began in and around the end of the 18th century, when the industrial revolution took place. Its creation was based upon the reaction to the harshness of industrial conditions. Welfare Tradition: Was the first form HRM and in 1833 the factories act stated that there should be male factory inspectors, its first act came into effect in 1878 which was to regulate the hours of work for children and women by having a 60 hour week. Industrial relations: Really started when Trade unions where legalized in the U.K back in 1871, industrial relations came to the fore front during WW1/2 this meant that personnel departments became responsible for its organization and administration. Bureaucracy: Arose from the increase growth or change of any given company the era is still alive and well in the modern day workforce simply put the gender pay gap is still a deeply seated complex problem in the modern day company but can be monitored nowadays by performance appraisals.

Brief Evolution of Human Resource Management cont. Professional Era: HRM nowadays has become more a key part of any company in modern business the HRM function is complex and as such has resulted in the formation of HRM/divisions in companies to handle this function. The HR function has become a wholly integrated part of the total corporate strategy. Growth of HR: This function is diverse and covers many areas including Manpower planning, recruitment and selection, employee motivation, performance monitoring and appraisal, industrial relations, provision management of employee benefits and employee education training and development.

Differences between HRM versus Personnel Management:
Section 2
Both human resource management (HRM) and Personnel Management focus on people management, if we examine critically, there are few differences between them .This I will discuss further in detail over the next few pages see below. * Integration

* Strategy
* Employee Relations
* Organizational Design

HRM focus on these areas:
* Selection
* Training
* Staff Development
* Employee Relations
* Reward Management
* Manpower
* Planning/ Recruitment

Differences between HRM versus Personnel Management Personnel Management Focuses On:
* Welfare Tradition
* Professional Tradition
* Industrial Relations
* Control of Labor/Bureaucracy Tradition
Brief Note HRM v PM: Some key differences between these two areas, personal management focuses on the welfare of its staff i.e. simple basic things like canteens, sports and social clubs and which has now developed into bigger benefits like health care plan and pension plan. I believe personnel management focuses on the staff while they are employed in the company and HRM mainly focuses on hiring and firing in today’s modern work environment and of course the renewal of staff contracts. We know ourselves in this situation that nearly 70% of jobs that are currently on offer in this country are of contract basis will have a big influence from HRM as they will have a long term strategy in place i.e. when demand exceeds supply they need to hire to cover the shortfall for short/long term contracts. So now in HRM staff is now playing a more key role than they previously used to as jobs are more on contract basis.

Differences between HRM versus Personnel Management
HRM v PM Integration: The distribution of power in personnel management is centralized where the top management has full authority in decision-making, where even the personnel managers are not even allowed to give ideas or take part in any decision making which involves employees. HRM on the other hand, sees the decentralization of power where the power between top management is shared with middle and line...
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