Evolution of Health Care Information Systems

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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems
Health Information Systems
April 21, 2013

Evolution of Health Care Information Systems

The evolution of the health care information systems (HCIS) since 20 years ago had a profound impact in how health care is deliver today. In the mid-60’s health care information system began its history with President Lyndon Johnson signing of the law that provides medical coverage to the poor, the elderly, and the people with long-term disabilities through Medicare and Medicaid programs. This revolution brought along the Computer system technology to speed the billing and reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid. The health care system notice the necessity to improve the billing process due the increase in workload in patient ratio per facility. “As medical care gets more and more complex and new information is already overwhelming physician‘s capacity to treat patients with the latest information, physicians need new technologies to help them cope. There is great need for a digital record to allow capture of patient data that can then be processed and mined for insights into better treatment for patients” (History of the Medical Record System, para. 1) Comparing a contemporary health care facility with 20 years ago you can easily appreciate the advances in technology and medicine. Working within the Veteran Hospital Administration there have being numerous changes since 20 years ago. The most evident transformations is the use of the advance in electronic medical record (EMR), multiple billing computer applications, and the integrated software modules which include clinical care, financial functions, and infrastructure. The health care industry 20 years ago was in the beginning phase of utilizing computers and the electronic medical record. Today computers are an essential part of the health care system and private organizations. “Comparing the world in 1984 and in 2004, we have to recognize that we...

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