Every Child Matters

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Every Child Matters (ECM)
Every Child Matters (ECM) is a Government ambition, which was launched in 2003, that covers England and Wales. The initiative primarily focuses on protecting children and ensuring that each child fulfils their potential. Their goal is to create an environment that offers both security and opportunity for children up to the age of 19, or 24 for those with disabilities. Child protection is a fundamental element that is carried out across all private and voluntary organisations. In order to create a society where children are safe and have access to opportunities requires radical reform so the Government created a Green Paper that builds on existing plans to strengthen preventative services by focusing on five key themes.

Be healthy: enjoying good physical and mental health and living a healthy lifestyle Staying safe: being protected from harm and neglect
Enjoy and achieving: getting the most out of life and developing the skills for adulthood Making a positive contribution: being involve with the community and society and not engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour. Economic well-being: not being prevented by economic disadvantage from achieving their full potential in life Each of these five aims are achievable and can be a success by having a clear understanding of what needs to be provided for children. Being Healthy this aim deals with how staff and children can work together to contribute to the development of healthy lifestyles. This will include ways in which staff can promote the following: physical, mental, emotional and sexual health; participation in sport and exercise; healthy eating and the drinking of water; the ability to recognise and combat personal stress; having self-esteem; and the avoidance of drug taking including smoking and alcohol. There should also be assessment of the extent to which appropriate support is available for both students and staff to help achieve these positive outcomes. In Primary...
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