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* As said by Jamsetji N. Tata, Founder, Tata Group.
In a free enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder in business but is in fact the very purpose of its existence." * Over the recent years too as earlier, the Tata philosophy to 'Give back what you get' has been followed by all their enterprises across India. Be it relief measures, rural development, health care, education and art and culture, they have been very forthcoming. As result every year, the Tata Group's contribution to society has been phenomenal. Health:

1. Tata Power, India’s largest integrated Private Power utility has always been at the forefront of extending health care services to the local communities in and around its area of operation as part of its community development initiatives. 2. The philosophy is to improve the quality of life of its communities, it has been organising various health awareness programmes across the country. 3. When it comes to achieving world-class health and safety performance, Tata Power is not behind. For them it’s not about statistics; it's about keeping people safe. It applies to every employee everywhere, whether walking down an office hallway or working in a power plant. The safety and health of the people is the principal consideration in the framing of their policies and all the business activities. 4. Tata Power invests a large amount of resources to reduce workplace accidents and ensure a safe working environment. The company protects the interests of its employees by providing them with appropriate and up-to-date training and access to development programmes. 5. By adhering to world safety standards, promoting product and operational safety, and encouraging the active participation of every employee, Tata Power has created a healthy work environment that complements its superior business performance. 6. Programmes have also been conducted to make children aware of good health practices and the importance of good health in life. Residents were advised and trained to keep their houses and surroundings clean and hygienic and thus contribute towards the wellbeing of the whole community. 7. The company aims for striving for Zero Accidents and Injuries * The co. have created programmes to promote worker and contractor safety on the road, in the laboratory and wherever it operates. 8. Protecting Against Illness and Diseases

* Illnesses such as HIV / AIDS and Cardiovascular diseases have enormous social and economic impacts. Tata Power has formally launched a companywide HIV / AIDS policy that is consistent with its belief that companies can be important participants in the effort to fight HIV / AIDS. They have focused on education, prevention and treatment and on protecting the rights of HIV-positive employees and partners. Tata Power has also increased awareness and offers practical steps to help employees reduce illnesses and diseases. 9. Medical Camps

* The Company has organized various health check up camp. * Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Balaraja Bhat, Head-Belgaum Plant, Tata Power said, “We at Tata Power are committed to providing a better and healthy life to the people living in and around our plant. Our endeavour is to provide access to best medical facilities through the experienced team of doctors, who visit these areas, treat and counsel people for various ailments’’ * The Tata Power medical camp initiatives are in line with Tata group’s philosophy of improving the quality of life of its communities and aims to contribute to the well-being of the local communities. 10. Tata Power has implemented many health related activities includes Mobile Medical Services, specialised health camp and Awareness on Health, Hygiene including HIV/ AIDS etc. Mobile medical services and health camps serve about 19,640 patients. It also covered 45,890 people across Mumbai to increase awareness on HIV/ AIDS. Education

1. The importance of...
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