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Project Charter
Business need
Bahrain has been ranked among the world’s top 10 fattest nations, taking the 10th spot, according to an international study. Out of the 28.3% of the children's population in Bahrain, 7.4% of them are Obese. Our aim is to raise awareness regarding this problem, by helping them to be more active and show support to the society through our corporate social responsibility. Product description

Riffa Views is the chosen place for the walkathon because of its spacious area. Sponsors are going to be targeted to contribute in the walkathon’s fundraising and support the cause. Several activities will go along in the event other than the walkathon such as kids corner, entertainment and dj, face painting, BMI tests and medical checkups. Volunteers like students from RCSI will be the event’s marshals. Product rationale

By spreading awareness regarding the obesity issue, we will help inject positivity into the children’s lives. Since this event will be successful in the humanitarian, we will be able to create an outdoor gym for children in one of the Southern Municipality’s schools and call it “The bnl Sports corner for children.”

Project deliverables
The main project deliverables are:
Booking the place/walkathon area.
Getting the sponsors approvals.
Order Tshirts and prepare artworks.
Advertise on newspapers.
Recruiting volunteers and brief them.

Raise awareness regarding children’s obesity.
Create a healthy environment among the schoolchildren.
Raise a fund to create “The bnl Sports corner for children in schools (Outdoor Gym)”

Work Breakdown Structure:

Gantt chart:
The chart below highlights the amount of time needed for each task and in which week of the month it is expected to be done:

Facilities needed:
Resting Tents/corners
4 Registry/Welcoming Tables and Stands
RCSI Medical Marshals
Kids’ Corner
Elephant Photobooth
Medical Check-ups
Emergency – Ambulance

Promotions and Sponsorships needed:
The below mentioned sponsors are not confirmed. However, these are the types of sponsorships needed for the walkathon. A supermarket (Aljazeera or Alosra) can sponsor foods like Apples, juice and water. Sponsoring Gyms (Sphinx or Fitness First) will provide Trainers and sports activities. Jump Gym to sponsor the kids’ corner.

Companies (Huawei, Zain, Batelco, viva..etc) to sponsor Corporate gifts/winning prizes/compensating prizes. Photobooth (Elephant photobooth)
Tshirts (Sports shop: Puma, Nike, Adidas)
Entertainment (Dj, Face paint, kids and other activities)

The reason behind these chosen sponsors is that each one of them can help in a way. For example the walkathon’s theme is children’s obesity, hence, by getting Jump Gym –A gym that is specialized in training children- as sponsors, it would fit the walkathon’s theme and objectives. The sponsors’ budgeting plan will be determined after their confirmation. Sponsorship Levels

Walkathon Sponsorship
The sponsored organizations signage should be highly visible in all promotion materials as well as displayed throughout the walkathon day.
"Kids Fun Corner" Sponsor
Jump gym is promoted as the official “Kids Fun Corner” sponsor.

“Special Message Banners” Sponsorship
These banners are personalized in honor of children with obesity and displayed at the walk start/finish line.

“Gift Prize” Sponsorship Product Donation
Companies like Huawei, Zain/ batelco/ viva..Etc. can provide gifts as incentives for the most money raised, longest distance walked, etc...

Advertising and registering
After getting the Southern municipality’s confirmation about hosting the walkathon in the area, newspaper advertisements as well as advanced registration should start to create awareness. 2 weeks prior the due date is a suitable time to start advertising. Advanced registration should also start 2 weeks before the walkathon to get as many...
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