Obama Vs Warner

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Health Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Omar Flores
Eng 101
Mrs. Davis
Judith vs Michelle
Our Nation has many problems need that be fixed. Obesity crisis is one of those problems. Obesity started targeting adults but years have passed by and now it targets children today. Today we have people trying to fix the problem by changing the health of adults and mostly children. Warner and Obama both want to change the American way of eating into a healthy choice but Obama believes it can simply be changed by education and government help but on the other hand Warner believes in self change and antigovernment.

Michelle Obama believes that the government needs to help control Americas obesity rates. Obama states that the government is proposing, “A $4oo million a year fund to bring grocery stores and other healthy food retailers to underserved areas cross the country” (Obama 427). She wants to fight obesity in strong and powerful way by using the government next to her side. Bringing the government can change the whole nation or even the world. She also believes that there should be laws towards fast food to help prevent obesity health problems.

Judith Warner feels that the government should be less involved. Warner believes that many people should end up making their own decisions and not being forced by some government. When she says less government help, she means that the government should be in it to fix the problem but help to a certain limit. Warner prefers that the government should make healthy food more appealing while junk food less appealing. Obama wants kids to be active like many years back. She launched the “Let’s Move” campaign. This campaign is to help bring attention to the problem of childhood obesity in America. Propose to this is to motivate young children into getting active at least an hour a day for their health. There are also four main parts points for this campaign; the first one consists of giving parents knowledge of what to feed their kids in a healthy...
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