“Evaluate the Strengths and Weaknesses of Reason as a Way of Knowing?”

Topics: Logic, Reasoning, Conclusion Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: September 27, 2010
“Reasoning is the thinking that is coherent and logical.” As the dictionary definition very clearly and correctly states, reasoning is certain thinking or a conclusion drawn from a logical fact. Hence, the reasoning of a certain thing, which is a conclusion drawn from an existing fact or the happening of an event, is trusted more than the conclusion which is drawn due the development of one’s emotions. Consequently, when a person would say to another, “You’re being emotional”, it is considered as a cynical comment while the statement, “You’re being logical” is taken as praise. Therefore, it is obvious that logic and reasoning holds strengths which are stronger than those of emotions.

In today’s world, the younger generation is burdened by a number of axioms, theorems and laws which they have to use in their daily studies. It is globally known that these laws were discovered and explored by both scientists, and mathematicians, and the very reason why they were discovered is that these great scientists had researched and come to a certain conclusion after performing certain experiments. Hence comes about one of the strengths of reasoning – one can reason and come to a correct final judgement with the date provided, as long as the data is logical and acceptable. Thus, in applied sciences reasoning plays a very important role as it is solely due to the “reasoning” of certain things that today we can take the help of these axioms and theorem without maintaining any doubt in our minds.

In addition to the help provided by reasoning, to hard sciences, reasoning also maintains its advantages in the field of commerce and human sciences, because, in economics and business studies, it is very important to reason and reach a certain conclusion. This is because, when businesses need to do market research to find out whether they should invest in order to achieve growth, or launch a new product/improved product, they would research and do sampling in order to see things...
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