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Topics: European Union, Council of the European Union, Treaty of Lisbon Pages: 7 (2287 words) Published: April 11, 2013
1. The Cassis Case was a landmark in the European history of law. Explain Why Germany impeded the liquor to be sold because of non-conformity to German products (not the same alcohol level as German liquors: could be misunderstood and misused by consumers). * The ECF said it was a restricting measure in the frame of the Common Market and draw the following rule from this case for the free movement of goods * Any product legally manufactured and sold in one member state must be allowed to be placed on the market in all others__ rule of harmonization and mutual(взаимный) recognition. 2. The PAC (Common Agricultural Policy) is the only totally integrated policy in the Union; What are the advantages and disadvantages of this policy? The advantages of CAP in the Union provide the trade regulation mechanism for the price stability with third countries and internal market, the mechanism of market regulation is achieved price stability for consumers and a stable income for farmers. Direct subsidies which are paid under the CAP are direct to maintain the level of income of farmers. Disadvantages of payment subsidies may lead to imbalance between supply and demand. For the most important agriculture products there are some restrictive proposal(production limit). The measures of market organization for farmers provided a stable framework for the planning of their operations and cash flow.

3. The Maastricht treaty introduces the opt-out possibility. Do you think this procedure will increase the integration? 4. Discuss whether it has been appropriate for the EU to introduce a Cohesion policy in the wake of the Single Market The economic and social situation has been very different in the EU. The main objective of the EU Cohesion policy was to reduce this gaps by promoting the economic growth , job creation and competitiveness. The Cohesion policy created new job places, constract the new transport system to moving out the barriers for better cooperation between MS, common policy and creald: European regional development fund, Cohesion fund, European social fund which together represent more than 1/3 of the EU budget.

5. Why is it so difficult to find a majority in the EU parliament? if there are large variations in the overall majority size, measuring the absolute level of cohesion is deceptive(обманчивый). As parties will be measured as more cohesive if votes are “lopsided” than if votes are evenly(равномерно) split.

6. Taxation is still subject to unanimity in the Union. Give the reasons for that The taxation subject has a particularly important role for the Union and its member status because of their importance in a frame economic relations between countries common economic development and harmonization of tax system. Tax policy concerns of industrials and business operating in the internal market by focusing on the elimination of tax in all forms of cross-border economic activity and promoting greater cooperation between countries and inclusive growth in the EU and in the Single Market.

7. The commission has one important role which has not been altered by the different treaties. What is this prerogative and give the reasons the treaties and governments have never changed this. The treaties assign to such a designed European Commission the power pursue (преследовать) the general interest of the Community through three main tasks: 1) The exclusive monopoly and legislative initiative, which is the core element of Community method. According this the Council and EP can only legislate on the basis of the Commission proposal. The council and Parliament should not be able to denature ( изменять естественные свойства) the content of the Commission proposal. 2) A role of “ guardian(опекун) of the treaties” aiming to ensure that both treaties and secondary legislation are correctly enforced. The Commission can start judicial procedures and take MS or others institutions before the court of...
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