Four Problem That Farmers Face

Topics: The Bahamas, Agriculture, History of the Bahamas Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: April 16, 2013
How the Government help farmers in the Bahamas
Today I am going to speak momentarily on how the Bahamian government help farmers in the Bahamas. They help by giving the farmers loan to buy supplies on a broad spread of product including building supplies ,processing materials and farm vehicles such as trucks, tractors plough and a harvest machine . Usually they hold lease and dispose of agricultural land, because some farmers don’t have a land to farm on and some farmers land are so small. The more the land the more the crops can increase. For example they give about 13,869 acres of land in Andros about 11,737 acres of land in Abaco and about 10,542 land in Grand Bahama . Also the government give money to some farmers because sometime the farmers cannot afford the supplies to maintain a proper farm .For example wheel barrels , Cattles ,Fruit trees and vegetable seed. Another thing they do is allow the farmers to sue, because these days some people go on farmers land and pick their crops without permission to do so . If they keep stealing the farmers crops there will not be non for the farmers . Also the Bahamian government help with training seminars and programmes on farming livestock information to help farmers and person that is interested in farming with initative as well as what proceses are required to increase yield of crops and how to raise health livestock .When new events arise they are posted in the events section of the (BAIC)website to sentsitise public. Filling out forms and submit the register form to the (BAIC) office. The time spent at these session are one day to sometime four weeks the most. They also help us with marketing our products in the Bahamas and international corporation (BAIC) also assist by placing farmers produce...
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