Eurasia International: Total Quality Management in the Shipping Industry

Topics: Ship, Ship transport, Management Pages: 4 (1617 words) Published: June 24, 2008
Eurasia International is a wholly owned subsidiary with a mandate to operate as a competitive third party ship manager. It provides suite of services that covers end-to-end solution for the shipping industry. As highlighted in this case report, the key issue confronting Eurasia International is being able to maintain the necessary HR focus while controlling the ship's cost structure, staying in tune with customer requirements and anticipating the competition. The company’s mantra of success is “Being the best, not necessarily the biggest”; this explains the utmost importance of quality in Eurasia’s work culture. Unlike other ship management companies, Eurasia believes in providing customer centric services rather than product oriented services. Due to this attitude company is able to offer a customized range of services to its customers. Eurasia has been able to provide the top quality service to its customers by implementing the model of continuous improvement, Total Quality Management. Till date, the company has proven itself as a world leader in Ship management. It has now reached a crossroads in its development where it may want to take certain proactive steps to retain its position in the future while ensuring that it meets its other strategic commitments. I have examined three criteria in an attempt to formulate a viable recommendation. The key factors for success are cost efficiency, high quality and personalized service. While it meets the above mentioned criteria, Eurasia also has to ensure that it has enough resources to maintain its Strategic goal of creating value for shareholders, customers and human resources in the rapidly evolving shipping industry. In order to deal with the issue of whether or not Eurasia should take a step ahead of time to prepare itself for the demand arising due to innovations in shipping business later in the future, I have developed the following three alternative course of action: •Maintain Status Quo: This is the...
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