Is Rationalisation a Desirable Strategy for Managing and Organising Junction Hotel in the Current Economic Climate?

Topics: Marketing, Business, Management Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Junction Hotel is currently facing problems within the business and is struggling to keep its identity of a ‘quality hotel’. The problems have arisen from a mix of poor leadership and co-operation of staff within the business and also the external influences of businesses which has led them to compromise on quality of service for profit.     This calls for a necessary change in policies which they possess accompanied by a more modern, cosmopolitan and global approach.       Organizational behavior is a collective behavior of personnel who are a part of the organization, a different mindset along with the appropriate form of incentives and motivators is the need of the hour. This is in the context where it is rightly said, ' an employee's willingness and hardworking behavior is the essence of a successful company. '        In today's globalised business environment, service, quality and the right kind of leader is inevitable to withstand your position in the market. A leader’s influence is always for the achievement of common goal. The best way to achieve the qualities of a successful running company is to scan on the needs and requirements of the customer along with acceptance of one’s mistake and working upon the same. The external factors play a crucial part in a firms well-being, understanding and using them for good should be the aim of junction           in the contemporary world, an organization possessing the psychology that a competitor loss is the company's gain is essential. Having a comparative and differential advantage over your competitor is always a plus point and such a firm never faces losses , hence , junction needs to build a rationalized policy as far as quality and service of it is concerned ,to have a good reputation in the market the reason being the existence of stiff competition in the service industry.          Also, the adoptance of measures for the betterment of the society can prove to be beneficial as corporate social responsibility...
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