Eu Stratagies of Food Contol

Topics: European Union, Common Agricultural Policy, Food Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Outline strategies adopted to control food production in the EU and comment on their effectiveness. The E.U’s main strategy for managing food production the Common Agricultural Policy (C.A.P) was emplaced in 1957, its purpose was to increase production to stabilise food markets, to increase food security and to provide consumers with food at reasonable prices. The C.A.P has been very successful in fulfilling its purpose so much so that now rather than encouraging the growth of food production it is reforming to link at maintaining a constant of food production and looks to address the surpluses, and how these could aid feeding the world. In 1984 71% of the EU’s entire budget was spent on the C.A.P (in fairness if ¾ of a budget for a global organisation is spent on one thing – an agricultural policy you would think it would be rather successful) and in 2007 only 48% of the entire budget was spent on C.A.P this shows how the C.A.P’s support of modern technology and more efficient farming methods has revolutionised the food market to the extent in no longer needs such a vast amount of aid from the E.U. Furthermore the E.U feels that our food production has now become so sufficient and many aspects of it need less attention as they aim to only spend 33% of their overall budget on it during 2013.C.A.P was successful in that the policy is now being turned on its self and to some extent, being used to decrease food production. The C.A.P is the overall policy within this there are many different components all very different in their methods, success and effectiveness. One of these components is subsidies. Subsidies were fantastically successful in increasing food production, they removed the risk from farming, with the E.U paying money to farms and covering the cost of production more farmers, farmed the foods that were needed. Thus subsidies worked brilliantly in creating a balance of food types within the market. However it does cause a down fall in food prices which...
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