Ethnical and Legal Issues Hospitality

Topics: Employment, Wage, Law Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: July 19, 2012
To ensure the business is compliant the new owner will need to be aware of several legal and ethical considerations. Ethical issues include: Honesty- This is not limited to dealing with money and property. Colleagues and customers also expect honesty in their relationships. Confidentiality- It is against the Privacy Act and bad for business to reveal information about customers and colleagues unless they are informed. Employees also need to keep trade secrets so that their enterprise maintains a competitive edge. Tipping- Tipping is not compulsory in Australia and customers should not be pressured to give tips. Pricing- Customers must be fully informed of all costs before they purchased a meal. Serve international guests who may not be familiar with costs must not be taken advantage of. Contract of employment- States how you are paid, terms of employment such as uniform requirement and hours of employment. Work place agreement- Is a written agreement between an employer and an employee/s (or a union) that is lodged with the workplace authority. It outlines payment of employees and working conditions. Legal considerations for the business: Employee contracts- Should state the hours of work, wage rate, uniform policy and a clear job description or a Work Place Agreement. Fair Work Australia,, would provide information regarding Work Place Agreements. The Australian Hotel Association WA, the AHA (WA) would be a good source of legal and business information. The aim of this organisation is to maintain high standards of service and conduct in the liquor, hospitality, catering and entertainment industry. They provide information regarding Workplace Relations Awards and wage rates. They provide interpretation for the Hospitality (general) Award 2010- which gives the pay rate of all hospitality awards. They provide information regarding the unfair dismissal matters and representation for the business. They provide...
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