Ethics Of Cyber Law

Topics: Pornography, Internet, Law Pages: 5 (1874 words) Published: November 5, 2013
Evaluate the ethics of cyber law in Australia
The concept of cyber law in Australia is subject to a wide range of controversy, due to the lack of privacy offered to the individuals of Australia. Policies regarding cyber law in Australia are very narrow, and often do not provide the adequate amount of privacy and security to users in Australia, thus providing a motive for the necessity of an alteration of cyber law in Australia. The definition of cyber law is the term that encapsulates the legal issues related to the use of the internet or technological interactions. The ethics and legal issues surrounding cyber laws in Australia are in the focus of privacy issues today. The leading factors of concern related to the current cyber law policies in Australia, and all across the world, include the lack of privacy offered to users of the internet, insignificant means being taken to protect users from cyber threats, the lack of protection against cyber bullying and the rising hazard of cyber-crime due to a deficiency of sufficient protection against cyber-criminals. The leading issues regarding cyber laws in Australia are the lack of privacy offered to individuals residing in Australia, and the increasingly explicit material being available to personalities of all ages. Moreover, the case of child pornography on the internet serves to be a problem of increasing concern. Present-day cyber laws in Australia require carriers and carriage service providers to preserve stored communications when requested by certain domestic agencies. Furthermore, they ensure that a foreign country can secure access to stored computer data, including preserved data; and allow a stored communication warrant to be obtained for foreign law enforcement purposes. These laws which have been introduced into the constitution serve as a means of protection against cyber-crime, however they lead to issues of privacy, mainly the lack of it. Due to the increasing demands of security in the current era of technological competence, the privacy of internet users is the subject to a considerable amount of decrease. The leading concern relating to issues of concealment on the internet is the lack of the discretion of information on users on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Social networking sites record all interactions, and retain them for potential use in social data mining. The fact that personal information of users is held in reserve by leading social networking websites is surrounded by controversy, seeing that personal and often secretive information of users is exposed to third parties on the internet and a serious privacy concern is then formed. This fact is enclosed by dispute due to the fact that cyber laws do not illegalize this information to social networking sites. There is an immense necessity for the modification of cyber laws in Australia. Furthermore, the inability to satisfactorily protect younger users from explicit material is frequently displayed, with the absence of defensive means being used to enable safe internet use by children. In today’s technologically advanced society, the internet is constantly being used in households, and the use of it by children is inevitable, with extensive access being offered to anyone. Cyber laws lack the aptitude to shield children from the extensive amounts of adult content which is available on the internet. A recent taken by indicates that one in ten children who illegally download files have been subject to sexually explicit material, hence signifying the need for a rehabilitated cyber law in Australia. The current system of cyber laws in Australia have proven to be successful in the past, however with the innovative and changing atmosphere of the internet, it now comes with numerous drawbacks, which prevail over the positive attributes of cyber laws in Australia. To begin with, Australian cyber laws provide sufficient protection against the threat of cyber...
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