Cybercrime Law

Topics: Identity theft, Theft, Internet Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: February 25, 2013
We don’t really need more laws specifically for the internet. We have enough laws that can already be applied to the virtual world. Stealing, for instance whether offline or online can be treated the same way. But we know it is not as simple as that. How people behave online is not always the same as how they behave offline. Online anonymity, for one, can make people braver to participate in discussions. At the same time, it can make them more cruel. Online bullying and cybersex is definitely not good. The passage of the Cybercrime Prevention Act was really meant to protect our society from hacking, identity theft, cybersex, and pornography, among others. Being safe and behaving properly in the internet is something we should not leave for the government to perform. This is something we can all do together. We should properly express our views and feelings towards this law so that this law may be gone. By obtaining back their trust from us, this would be possible. We should not bark like dogs and act cruel in the internet. We should behave properly and follow rules that have a great role. We should be more careful in sharing information and opening restricted sites that concern public safety as well as our safety. The internet is not yet finished. We should be careful with the rules and the things that we do, so that we will no longer suffer for this law and in order for the next generation to use it freely. And by following these things, this problem will be solved.
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