Ethics Intro Paper

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RUNNING HEAD: Ethics Introduction Paper

Ethics Introduction Paper
Ivan Gonzalez
August 15, 2012
Melvin Nowlin, JR.

Ethics Introduction Essay
The similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics will be defined in this paper. As part of the paper the description of differences of the theory in which the theory addresses ethics and morals is given. An experience to explain the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts in which relates to the theory is given as well.

Virtue theory is the approach to ethics in which expresses the good character a person is or is not (Garett, 2005). The trait in which the person presents is based on good, bad, or a disposition of both. However, traits are not something a person is born with but are acquired through life based on moral virtues. The act committed, uses virtue ethics to determine the right or wrong of the action based on character (Garett, 2005). Virtue ethics focus more on the person and not the action (Garett, 2005).

Utilitarianism is the approach to ethics that focus on choosing the act that has the best consequences (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2011). The utilitarian will view all the good and bad produced by the act (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2011). Utilitarian’s do not view the difference in chosen act based as moral issues. Acts are classified as morally right or wrong only if the action has consequences that have a result that has a preferred manner (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2011). Utilitarianism focuses on the act on the individual performing the action. Utilitarianism only addresses morality if the act is the preferred action but if not, morality does not play a role in basing decisions (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2011). Ethics is not viewed in utilitarianism as well because decisions are based on best outcome for the individual.

Deontological ethics is the approach in which views the duties of...

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