Ethics and Worldview

Topics: Ethics, Philosophy, Normative ethics Pages: 2 (861 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Denise Patton
PHI 103
Grand Canyon University

First of all when looking at the two words that has become one in worldview, an understanding has to be made into a conclusion of what do these two words mean that has been put together as one word? Well a worldview according to Schneider, a worldview is a set of presumptions which we hold about the basic makeup of the world. (Schneider 2004) So from this definition an understanding of a worldview can be brought out by saying that a worldview is basically the way a person views or haves an outlook about the world. Now Schneider mentions that a worldview is a set of presumptions and when a set is involved it means that there is more than one thing that is to be looked at such as a group. There are reasons to why people live according to how they live and react the way that they react to the things of this world. According to the Bible it states, that we are not suppose to be attached to this world nor the things of the world. Why is this mentioned, because depending on how your view of this world and the setup arrangement of the worldview can be determined by what you value and how dear that value is to you. Now the set or areas that have been said that makes up a worldview is philosophical theology, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophical anthropology, and ethics. (Nash 1999) These areas or components are the categories that house people’s outlook. A person may not know how to put into categories the way they see the world, but according to these areas of components this is where or how reaction to the world is viewed. Just there is the philosophical theology which has to do with a persons stand on their religion about God. It is amazing how the first area of a worldview is about God, because he is to be first and if he is not first then the whole outlook of the worldview components will be off. The reason for this is that God is the one who levels out everything in a person’s perspective so that...
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