Ethics and Communication

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I’m sure it’s safe to say that everyone in here either knows about wikis and blogs or has used them before. An example of a blog would be facebook…how many of you have facebook?(hands up) An example of a wiki would be Wikipedia, which everyone has used at least once. So it’s clear that everyone has a blog or has used or been on one before...but I’m sure when you were on it no one thought about the ethical considerations involved.

Business ethics
There are different areas of ethics, when it comes to organisations, business ethics must be taken into account. They can be both ‘Normative’ and ‘Descriptive’.
Normative being:
Descriptive being:
With the use of technology in organisations significantly increasing organisations must consider the issues involved, such as when using the internet the ethical considerations involved. Businesses are increasingly using wikis and blogs for advertising and collaborating.

So wikis are a collection of web pages, they were originally designed by Ward Cunningham in 1994. Wikis are famously known for easily being edited and changed by users, as well as sources of information. Many people wonder where the name ‘WIKI’ comes from. Well there isn’t a complicated reason behind it. Wiki is a Hawaiian word for ‘quick’. Ward Cunningham was at the Honolulu international airport when an airport worker told him to take the ‘WIKI-WIKI’ shuttle bus to get to another terminal. It was seen as the quick way to get between terminals. So from then ward Cunningham decided to call his website wikiwikiweb instead of calling it ‘quick-web’.

Ethics and wikis
Organisations use wikis to conduct customer/client collaborations, documentation, and to develop online communities. There are many advantages for organisations when they use wikis, but because of the openness and freeness of using and editing wikis it can create ethical problems as wrong information can be displayed or important company information can be changed, which...
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