Unit 17 Assignment 1 P2

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Unit 17 Website Development
Assignment 1
Task 2
Explain a number of different ways websites are used in organisations. Refer to your own research into the different uses of websites, include annotated screen shots to illustrate all the points you make. (P3)

Different organisations have different goals; let’s take Amazon.com, Play.com and Ebay.com. They are all “Electronic Trade” websites. Amazon.com, Play.com and EBay.com all can also be called an E-Commerce website also as it is all electronically based.

The purpose of this website is to provide people with goods, such as games, laptops and books. The website thrives because people these days are buying online than going out shopping. Online you can get a lot of better deals also, as for Play.com their deals are outstanding. As for Play.com I have posted a sprint screen below. Play.com are better than their reviews because they bring out games and deliver them within 2 – 3 days on release and purchase.

There are also Download websites such as Cnet.com, Download.com and even applications like iTunes for downloading music. Apple
Download Site
The purpose of this website is to provide people with ITunes. On iTunes people can download music, videos and applications to download straight to the computer or iPhone or iPod.

As for reviews, here is a screen shot of reviews for iTunes. A lot of people have a lot of different looks upon different websites, in the screen shot below you can see someone has rated iTunes bad and the other amazing.

There are also Information websites such as Wikipedia which is a Web 2.0 site where people can add information whenever they want.

Information Site
The purpose of this site is to help people in their day to day life. For students studying in college and they haven’t got an idea of what something is, all they have to do is type it...
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