Ethical Issue in Business

Topics: Southwest Airlines, Airline, ATA Airlines Pages: 4 (1401 words) Published: November 18, 2008
Southwest Airline Changes
When it is time to plan a vacation or plan for holiday we all go and search to see which airfare is the cheapest. Southwest Airlines is known for their amazing low prices and great customer service. Southwest since the late 1980’s it has led the airlines industry has having the lowest complaint ratio. If anyone has ever taken a flight at Southwest Airlines you can remember getting a boarding pass to load the plan in three groups. Group A, B or C. This is made this airline know for their campouts by the gate. This policy has changed and will take affect in November of this year. Southwest is improving their way of the boarding rules for their customers. This has become an issue in the current news regarding this policy change. Exactly what seems to be the basis of the issue going on today? Southwest Airlines has adopted a positive culture that focuses on respect dignity and good service. It has identified good services as being most important. The customer and employees must be dealt with fairly and one way of doing that is to listen to the customer. After three years of studying whether it should offer assigned seating like its competitors, the decision was made to change the way passengers boarded to cut down on long waits in line. The basis of this issue is two fold. One is to improve customer experience and overall efficiency. The other basis is to keep what the current loyal customers like: seat selection and target the customers that like assigned seating as a better product option (2007). According to Sunny Stone, manager of culture activities for Southwest’s Dallas, Texas office, the core values at Southwest Airlines are; Value profitability, low cost, family, fun, love, hard work, individuality, ownership, legendary service, egalitarianism, common sense, good judgment, simplicity and altruism. There are five basic principles: Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior – not the person. Maintain the self-confidence and...
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