Ethical Codes and Standard Websites

Topics: Ethics, Health care, Virtue Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: June 22, 2012
Ethical Codes and Standards Web Site

June 10th, 2012

Ethical Codes and Standards Web Site

This essay reviews the American society of radiologic technologists [ASRT] code of ethics. Upon examination, it is clear her ethical codes encompass all the three major ethical theories namely; utilitarian, deontological and virtue ethics. The ASRT medical ethics are very much concerned with quality patient care, treatment and patient rights. These concerns are of preeminent importance when our members provide medical services. It is specifically concerned with moral principles and decisions in the context of medical practice. The below listed are the ASRT codes of conducts. The entire codes will be analyzed one after the other. The following four ASRT ethical codes are as follows, 1, “radiologic technologist conducts herself or himself in a professional manner, responds to patient needs and supports colleagues and associates in providing quality patient care”, 2, that “radiologic technologist acts to advance the principal objective of the profession to provide services to humanity with full respect for the dignity of mankind”, 3, that the radiologic technologist practices ethical conduct appropriate to the profession and protects the patient’s right to quality radiologic technology”, and 4, that radiologic technologist continually strives to improve knowledge and skills by participating in continuing education and professional activities, sharing knowledge with colleagues and investigating new aspects of professional practice. These ethical codes encourage the belief that the development of ethics within a person will cause him or her to do something because he or she is virtuous not because of reward or punishment which is virtue ethics as theorized by Aristotle. Other ASRT code of ethics seem duty bound as espoused by Immanuel Kant and they are as follows; 1, The radiologic technologist delivers...
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