ETH 316 Blood Money

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Blood Money Scenario
Billy Brass
March 29, 2012
Christopher Whetstine
Blood Money Scenario
Moral responsibility of all participants
When it comes to human organs and individuals buying them from prisoners that have been executed to survive, one will have to ask themselves if they are making an ethical decision. Buying and selling human organs is illegal in the United States yet it is happening right now as we enter into the year 2015, where a lot of critical thinking has gone into this industry and made a worldwide business out of it. Although China was the leading source of this crude and horrid operation, the buying and selling of human organs is happening right here on American soil. All parties involved in this side chain black market business, face the respect of other black market business icons in faith and trusting service. The other side of the story is how these folks stomach the thought of selling human organs for profit and the ethical responsibility the have to their country. The morals that a purchase has may be good, but money talks a good bargain and leads the brain to believe in said act.

Stakeholder's moral failings
Ordering an execution and then knowingly preparing the bodies for a liver transplant is something that you or I would say it unethical but this just goes to show that everyone has different decision-making skills. How these individuals apart of this business were raised and taught ethics is very different from how we were taught here in the United States. Some would say that because it is a foreign country that they have different beliefs and find no wrong doing in this exchange of organs, their critical thinking was executed on their ethical template. Providing a perfectly healthy organ from an executed prisoner to help save someone's life is entirely ethically correct to them. Taking your people's organs for sale, even though one had committed crime, the punishment of death was only to procure organs for profit.

Ideals and Obligations in conflict
Critical thinking takes place when some brainstorming has taken place, and a plan has been mapped out. China had thoroughly used their critical thinking skills and applied it to their ethical reasoning behind why they were doing this. They had the prisoners screened to be sure the ones sick or with diseases were dismissed and then gathered the "healthy" prisoners. With healthy prisoners, they used their critical thinking and their ethical reasoning to make sure they maintained the prisoner's health by giving them shots and special anticoagulant drugs so that after the execution the kidney would stay healthy and viable. Their entire operation was very well planned, and every step of the way was planned out. The ideals that the Chinese carry out on using their people organs for profit seems completely lopsided from any other nation's beliefs and ideals.

Best outcome in given circumstances
Providing a need for ethical decision-making when it comes to blood money. Most of the individuals that participated like the doctors are very well educated people and made their moral decision to perform these surgeries. All logical reasoning varies, as we have seen with this blood money scenario, so there would still be a need for ethical decision-making. One person's logic of taking this perfectly healthy kidney and implanting them into a person of need could be another person's disagreement based on their ethical reasoning. The best outcome in my eyes is that this backdoor procedure is now in the light for all to view and make judgments. Perhaps, one day soon, the Chinese government will think about the souls of their people instead of the dollar signs they potentially bring. Conclusion

"Blood Money," or buying and selling an executed prisoner's kidney seemed to be an accepted ethical way of life for the individuals involved in this organization. Even though it is illegal,...

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